Jerry Yang leaves Yahoo

Yang is drawing the consequences from his failed gamble in the takeover poker between Microsoft and Yahoo and is stepping down as Yahoo’s CEO. If we take a look Yahoo’s stock market price, take into consideration that right now Yahoo is laying off 10% of their employees and keep in mind that sites like Yahoo make a not-so-insignificant portion of their revenues through CPM-reservations, then we can see that the near future is not really looking bright for Yahoo.

When I read the announcement I started thinking about what Yahoo really is. And I was unable to answer this question to my satisfaction. Yahoo’s homepage is not exactly a beacon of clarity and when I look at the services they offer, which are also successful, then I find those to be services for which users have either been using Yahoo for ages and are too lazy to change (e.g. Mail) or which were aquired like Flickr/ The search, with which they are trying to draw away Google-marketshares since 2004 (!), is starting to become trivial even in the USA (Google jumped from 64% in 2007 to 74% in 2008 while Yahoo fell from 21% in 2007 to 17% in 2008 [Hitwise]) and that Yahoo has the capabilities to snag users away from other searchengines in the near future is something that I find to be rather doubtful. Let us see how this progresses.

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