A contribution in the Google-Webmaster-Groups has occasioned me to again ponder how dangerous an extremely one sided focus on sources of income can be. In this case a webmaster counted on the revenue from Google AdSense and expanded and hired new employees. The web-catalog in question fell in Google’s favor a few days ago which led the revenues to decrease accordingly. As a result he had to let go some employees and seems to be rather unsatisfied with the whole situation.

I can comprehend that programs such as AdSense, if they run well, can be especially tempting to see chances and displace thoughts of consequences which would come with the discontinuation of these entries. Even so, once you hire employees on such grounds you have taken on a responsibility and you need to be aware of that. It can happen too quickly that the AdSense eCPM falls dramatically or Google closes the account for various reasons for you to base your long time calculations on this. We can see a similar picture with web-site-concepts: if we take a look at the fundamental changes in the handling of link-sellers and -buyers within the last 12 month we can clearly see how quickly Google is able dry out a whole line of business.

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