SISTRIX Christmas Fundraiser 2020 – You Click, We’ll Donate
2020 was a year full of unplanned change for everyone, which is why it’s all the more important to stick to habits....
Steve Paine
30. November 2020
Successfully Combining User Intention and SERP Features
The snippet is the showcase for your website. A good ranking for a keyword on Google is only valuable if users actually click...
Kevin Indig
18. November 2020
Introducing the free Keyword Tool
Even as SEO becomes more complex and diverse, the basis of all decisions are still search queries made by people. Our new,...
Johannes Beus
16. November 2020
Google Confirms that Core Web Vitas will be a Ranking Factor from May 2021
Back in May 2020, Google announced that with a Page Experience update, the loading times of websites would also become an...
Steve Paine
11. November 2020
Emojis and Special Characters in Google SERPs – What Still Works Today?
Special characters and emojis help to increase the click rate of your own search positions: whatever attracts attention,...
Johannes Beus
28. October 2020
US Department of Justice files antitrust lawsuit against Google
The US government is bringing a lawsuit against Google. The allegation: A hindrance to competition in search. The case is...
Johannes Beus
20. October 2020
An appeal for more science in SEO
Like many search engine optimisers at the beginning of August, I wondered whether Google’s ranking bug (indexing glitch)...
Kai Spriestersbach
Kai Spriestersbach
29. September 2020
New – The Influencer Search Engine from SISTRIX, Available Now
Starting today, SISTRIX is giving transparency to the major influencer networks. With our new influencer search, you can...
Steve Paine
24. September 2020
Core Web Vitals – Wix vs. WordPress, Shopify vs. Shopware – What’s fastest?
We’ve analysed the loading times of 18.5 million domains to learn more about their page speed. We also know about what...
Johannes Beus
15. September 2020
Sun Selects – Analysing The Effectiveness of Affiliate Content in News Media
An affiliate marketing project by The Sun analysed and compared with similar affiliate projects.
Steve Paine
9. September 2020
Core Web Vitals – Google’s Benchmark for Page Experience
The Page Experience ranking factor comprises three important measurements known as the Core Web Vitals. In this article you...
Johannes Beus
24. July 2020
Why (almost) everything you knew about Google CTR is no longer valid
Data study on CTRs in Google search results for different intents and SERPs formats. Based on over 80 million keywords and...
Johannes Beus
14. July 2020
UK Supermarket Visibility – Ocado Slides as Tesco Rises.
In this article we look at the visibility of some of the top UK supermarkets and reveal some issues lurking behind the fresh,...
Steve Paine
7. July 2020
Search Visibility – A Walk Down Oxford Street
Visualising the visibility of retail websites as a high street, and why traffic isn't a good measure of SEO work.
Steve Paine
28. May 2020
Google Core Update May 2020 – Whirlwind Through The SERPs Despite COVID-19
The second Core Update of the year has been released and we're already able to measure the impact.
Steve Paine
8. May 2020
Clarks International SEO Migration – Struggling to Land on its Feet
In this article we are going to examine the search visibility drop of a well-known, international brand. Since January 2020,...
MJ Cachón
30. April 2020
The Next Generation of SERP Analysis
The Google search results are more diverse than ever. In addition to organic results, there are many new types of results...
Johannes Beus
30. March 2020
Our Training Program, Online
Our on-location workshops have had to be cancelled due to the current Corona Virus situation. It’s right that we help...
Steve Paine
18. March 2020
Google Switching Fully to Mobile-First Indexing
After a long changeover period, Google has announced that crawling of websites will be switched completely to mobile-first...
Johannes Beus
9. March 2020
Zara Home and a Rollercoaster of Visibility
The Visibility Index allows anyone to analyse the relative size, growth rate or major changes in a domains search visibility...
Steve Paine
25. February 2020
Tracking a Brexit SEO Bubble
Brexit is an important example of why keyword visibility tracking is important. New names, new expressions, new buzzwords...
Steve Paine
31. January 2020
IndexWatch: The UK’s Top 100 SEO Losers of 2019
In a previous article, we shared the top 100 winning domains of 2019, but where there are winners, there have to be losers....
Steve Paine
22. January 2020
Google Core Update January 2020 – First Data and Analysis
This week saw Google roll-out the first big Core Update of the year into the SERP-wilderness. Early reactions can be seen...
Johannes Beus
17. January 2020
IndexWatch: The UK SEO Winners of 2019
The Top 100 winning domains for 2019 show a wide range of established brands gaining search visibility through SEO actions....
Steve Paine
9. January 2020
SEO 2020: Google becomes your competitor
Usually new-years SEO trends follow a rather simple pattern: pump out ten predictions in a scattergun approach and, if at...
Johannes Beus
2. January 2020
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