How widespread are AMP results in the UK?
The mobile/desktop scale is tipping towards mobile for more and more Google search markets. And the number of users who do...
Johannes Beus
16. December 2016
Is Google or Facebook the main traffic source for publishers?
In August 2015, Parsely.com – a content analytics platform – released an Authority Report where they suggest...
Juan Gonzalez
9. December 2016
If Not Dates in the URL, What Then?
A few weeks ago, I explained how using a directory structure which uses dates within the URLs can kill your content in Google....
Juan Gonzalez
30. November 2016
SISTRIX Christmas Charity 2016
2016 has, once again, been an incredibly thrilling and eventful year for us. Some of our highlights are the introduction...
Hanns Kronenberg
29. November 2016
Spread of HTTPS-pages within the Google SERPs
Google just took off the gloves: yesterday was the day that my Chrome Browser started showing not only the green encryption-lock...
Johannes Beus
25. November 2016
Less Is More – How Too Many Indexed Pages Can Damage Your Domain
An ancient Indian Minister, Sissa ibn Dahir (Sessa), invented the board game of Chess in order to direct the attention of...
Juan Gonzalez
16. November 2016
Cloaking: Spotify.com violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines
The domain Spotify.com has massively lost visibility worldwide on Google. The country with the largest loss is France (-82,1%)...
Juan Gonzalez
7. November 2016
Google Penguin 4.0 – The Winners
About two weeks ago Google officially announced the rollout of Penguin 4.0 and that it could now be found in the Google results....
Juan Gonzalez
18. October 2016
Mobile First – Google makes Mobile Index the Main Index
Last week, Google announced at the Pubcon in Las Vegas that the Mobile Index will take the place of the Desktop Index as...
Juan Gonzalez
17. October 2016
Want to slowly kill your content on Google? Simply use a directory structure with dates
The main reason to avoid dates within your directory structure is explained on page number 8 of the Google’s Search Engine...
Juan Gonzalez
15. September 2016
Buying links that others earned… Why not?
If you have the budget for it, then the easiest way to push your domain on Google is by buying an entire domain full of links,...
Juan Gonzalez
7. September 2016
Case Study: Has Cnet.com been hit by one of Google’s manual actions?
This week, the domain Cnet.com shows a 22% loss in their Visibility Index for Google US, this means that Cnet.com went...
Juan Gonzalez
29. August 2016
SEOs should care more about using redirects correctly than how much PageRank gets passed
For a long time, many SEOs have been talking about whether 301/302/307 Redirects pass on PageRank. Now, Google has confirmed...
Juan Gonzalez
23. August 2016
The BBC’s Marketshare on Google
In May of this year, the BBC announced far-reaching cuts to their web presence. “Soft news“ content such as magazine...
Juan Gonzalez
29. July 2016
A Success Story For SEOs & Entrepreneurs
The SEO Congress “Congreso SEO Profesional” is held every July in Madrid and specialises on presentations where...
Juan Gonzalez
19. July 2016
How Google Evaluates Links Using The User Signals From Google Chrome Browser
There is growing evidence, that Google can identify and devalue unnatural links very well by using User Signals. Already...
Hanns Kronenberg
30. June 2016
Examples of user behaviour influencing Google’s rankings
A few weeks ago, I saw a great “Whiteboard Friday” episode by Rand Fishkin, which we agree with 100%. I too think...
Juan Gonzalez
23. June 2016
Case Study: Softonic.com has been hit by a Google manual action
The Visibility history for Softonic.com shows a large loss on Google US (-40%), UK (-33%), Germany (-42%), Italy (-61%),...
Juan Gonzalez
7. June 2016
Case Study: Monster’s monster growth on Google
About two months ago, Monster changed quite a bit of their internal website structure for both their USA and UK sites. Although...
Juan Gonzalez
3. June 2016
For Spaghetti’s sake, don’t forget your redirects
The most common mistake during a website redesign is that 301 redirects are not set, which causes Google to miss that the...
Juan Gonzalez
12. May 2016
How Nordstrom bested Zappos on Google US
Five years ago, in April 2011, Zappos’ market share in Google was more that 3 times as large as Nordstrom‘s –...
Juan Gonzalez
7. May 2016
SISTRIX + SEOlytics = ?
This year is only four month old and we already saw many exciting developments here at SISTRIX (our Amazon-Tool, the integration...
Johannes Beus
3. May 2016
Introducing our extended keywords database for UK with 12 million keywords
Until now you were already able to use our common database with 1.000.000 keywords for UK, which we monitor once a week....
Johannes Beus
29. April 2016
SISTRIX now augments their link-database with Majestic-data
We have great news concerning our Link-module. SISTRIX and Majestic, one of the most reputable sources of link-data, have...
Hanns Kronenberg
25. April 2016
Only fools will ignore link building
Recently, a blogpost in another German blog with a large readership and wide converage reasoned that, in our day and age,...
Johannes Beus
13. April 2016
SEO in the Premier League
Football, it is simply impossible to not talk about the most popular sport in the world, when you are in its homeland. Today,...
Juan Gonzalez
7. April 2016
Were things really better in the good old days?
We have been monitoring the search results on Google.co.uk from 26.07.2010 on and wanted to see if there is any truth to...
Juan Gonzalez
15. March 2016
SEO at Microsoft, light and shadows
Microsoft is a huge company. Looking at their web properties it even seems somewhat like a public administration. They decide...
Juan Gonzalez
9. March 2016
Mobilegeddon in UK: Winners and Losers
Last week the Mobile World Congress opened its doors in Barcelona. One of the items on the agenda are AMP (Accelerated Mobile...
Juan Gonzalez
1. March 2016
30% of Websites That Ranked 7 Years Ago Are Not Raking Now – and Google Is Not Responsible
A few months ago, we found this interesting blogpost “89% of Websites that Ranked 7 Years Ago are Not Ranking Now!“. ...
Juan Gonzalez
17. February 2016
IndexWatch 2015 – The Losers 2015 in UK: 100 domains with the highest loss in Google visibility
Two weeks ago we showed you the domains which managed to gain the most Visibility during 2015 on Google.co.uk. As promised,...
Juan Gonzalez
2. February 2016
IndexWatch 2015 – The Winners 2015 in UK: 100 domains with the highest increase in Google visibility
Our yearly IndexWatch 2015 for the United Kingdom is ready. For this list we use our SISTRIX Visibility Index score, which...
Juan Gonzalez
20. January 2016
Introducing Our Amazon Keyword Tool
Let’s start out with an uncomfortable truth: e-commerce searches are not one of Google’s strong points. It also...
Johannes Beus
14. January 2016
SISTRIX Livestream
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