SISTRIX + SEOlytics = ?

This year is only four month old and we already saw many exciting developments here at SISTRIX (our Amazon-Tool, the integration of the Majestic-data, additional countries). Today, I am able to announce another step into the future: SISTRIX has acquired SEOlytics.

Over the last few years, the SEOlytics-team around Sören and Sven has contributed to well founded and data-driven seo-analyses becoming a craft for many SEOs. While their continually high quality requirements may have sometimes been the cause for some heated debates, these requirements were essentialy right and have brought the entire industry forwards. This is why I am so pleased that we are now combining our strengths.

The features of the two best German SEO-tools will be united: SEOlytics customers will get access to the Toolbox. Their historic data will be completely imported. At the same time, we are mutually discussing which SEOlytics features will be integrated into the Toolbox. We will let SEOlytics-customers know both in the Toolbox and per e-mail how the transfer is going to take place

Official Press Release as PDF

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