Introducing our extended keywords database for UK with 12 million keywords

Until now you were already able to use our common database with 1.000.000 keywords for UK, which we monitor once a week. The common database will help you answer questions of the category “how was this domain’s development on Google?”. Here, you will need a quick overview of the domain and the history changes within Google. This is exactly what the “Common Data” is all about.

When you have to answer questions like “What is my competitor doing better than me?”, on the other hand, you will often compare the current status-quo of two or more domains to figure out their optimization potentials, often based on keyword data.

For this second category of questions, more keywords are just more helpful and this is the reason why we have now added out extended UK keyword database. This database is made up of more than 12.000.000 keywords, which we will monitor about once a month. In case you are want to zoom into even small domains to see which keywords they manage to rank for, then the new “Extended Data” is just the thing you need.

For the extended database there is no history but you will always see the most current rankings we have for the keyword. This database is automatically activated when you click on the “Keywords” menu item in the SEO-, Ads- or Universal-Search module.

SEO > Keywords with activated "Extended Database"

It is important to note that these keywords will have no influence on the SISTIRX Visibility-Index score. The Visibility-Index is calculated using the keywords in the weekly “Common Data”.

With our new extended keyword database for UK you will now get more keywords at no additional costs.

Have a great weekend!

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