SISTRIX Christmas Charity 2016

2016 has, once again, been an incredibly thrilling and eventful year for us. Some of our highlights are the introduction of the daily Visibility Index for Germany – with a daily update of the ranking data for all domains – the development of our Amazon SEO Tools, the acquisition of SEOlytics, the integration of the Majestic link data as an additional link source within the Toolbox and Google’s “Mobile First” announcement.

We are now on the last leg of 2016 and Christmas markets everywhere are doing their part in enriching our air with the smells of roasted almonds, warm waffles and mulled wine. This means that our annual SISTRIX Christmas charity should not be missing.

In accordance with tradition, we again set up our Christmas Ferris wheel. With every click you start our Christmas wheel and we donate 1 Euro for a great cause.

This year our donations will go to Transparency International. They made it their mission to fight corruption all over the world, in order to turn it into a more just place. This non-governmental organization shines a light on loopholes in laws, institutions or systems and instigates reforms.

SISTRIX shares the values of transparency, fairness and factual arguments with Transparency International. Help us reach our donation goal of 5.000 Euro by starting our Ferris wheel with your click.

We wish everyone on earth a merry Christmas!

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