How widespread are AMP results in the UK?

Johannes Beus
Johannes Beus
16. December 2016
Johannes Beus
Johannes Beus
Johannes Beus ist Gründer und Geschäftsführer von SISTRIX.
The mobile/desktop scale is tipping towards mobile for more and more Google search markets. And the number of users who do their shopping on their mobile devices are also steadily increasing. No wonder that Google is irked by the fact that they do not have such a nicely controlled ecosystem as Facebook or Amazon. In order to change this they invented AMP, which they market as wanting to make mobile loading times faster for users. These are trimmed down HTML-pages which are delivered directly from Google's servers and they make it possible for Google to simulate something akin to their own ecosystem. Such pages look like this in the mobile SERPs:

Getting a nicely visible AMP symbol, we predominately see large news sites who deliver their content in the AMP format. For our blogpost, we took a closer look at how prevalent AMP pages are within the mobile SERPs and which domains already have a large amount of AMP results to their name. We start out with the percentage of how many of the keywords we track show at least one AMP result within the mobile search results:

When we look at the top-100 mobile results for a keyword, we already find at lest one AMP result for a whopping 82% of them. If we only consider the first search result page (top-10), we still see at least one AMP URL for more than a quarter of all keywords. Next up we have the percentage of AMP results within all mobile results:

If we look at it this way, we notice that only 4,5% of all results are shown as using the AMP format. Within the top-10, this number goes down even further to 3.7% of all URLs within the mobile top-10 on being delivered as an AMP page. Lastly, in order to get a feeling for the players who are already using AMP for their pages, here we have the 50 hostnames with the largest amount of AMP pages found within the mobile SERPs:

Hostname # AMP urls 216.226 123.806 114.513 96.453 79.696 70.552 67.853 66.306 63.363 62.511 62.239 61.749 48.294 48.113 45.476 39.618 39.192 35.598 33.185 32.821 32.774 31.720 29.074 28.644 28.636 28.467 24.570 23.545 23.396 22.910 22.581 21.785 21.734 21.624 20.930 19.614 19.432 19.149 18.576 18.374 17.721 17.378 17.343 17.334 16.939 16.603 16.092 15.976 14.802 13.980
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