Stepping out of the SEO Bubble
Many things in our environment can influence individuals and drive them to create their own “subjective social reality”....
Juan Gonzalez
12. December 2017
Google Permits Longer Snippet Texts
For years, Google used to limit the length of snippet texts, are short text previews of the search results, to two rows....
Johannes Beus
4. December 2017
Does Google Rank Brands Artificially Higher Simply Because They Are Brands?
8 and half years ago, Dave Peiris (described by other British SEO as one of the best human beings on the planet), wrote a...
Juan Gonzalez
1. December 2017
SISTRIX Christmas Charity 2017
2017 has been an eventful year due to Google tuning a number of dials: Algorithm updates and layout changes. In keeping with...
Lisa Bastian
28. November 2017
The Google Unknown Update Christmas Edition
Some things are time-honoured traditions: public transportation takes a hit after getting surprised by the start of winter,...
Johannes Beus
20. November 2017
More Than Half of All Google Results are HTTPS ?
Encrypting your communication through HTTPS is a topic close to Google’s heart. Mountain View showed this somewhat...
Johannes Beus
15. November 2017
Giphy.com’s Drop on Google – Things You Should Never Do
Two Weeks ago, Barry Schwartz wrote the following blog post: “Giphy CEO: We Own Happy Birthday On Google. Next Day They...
Juan Gonzalez
25. October 2017
International SEO – Netflix’ SEO Problems on Google and What You Can Learn From Them
One month ago, Netflix.com had a dramatic loss in Visibility on Google, all over the world. To mention just a few of their...
Juan Gonzalez
16. October 2017
FitFlop’s Migration Flops
The British domain of Marcia Kilgore’s company, FitFlop, recorded a loss of 71.5% visibility points on Google, precisely...
Juan Gonzalez
22. September 2017
Google to Allow Cloaking for Publishers
From the start, Google’s rules have been easy to understand and quite clear: the Google crawler needs to see the exact...
Johannes Beus
15. September 2017
SISTRIX Always at the Forefront – New Functions for Professionals
We have been extremely active over the summer and came up with a host of new features, which I am sure you will like and...
Juan Gonzalez
7. September 2017
16 Useful Browser Plug-Ins for SEOs
We have added a large number of new workshop locations for our free Toolbox workshops, since the beginning of the year. Besides...
Juan Gonzalez
8. August 2017
The Webinars’ New Clothes
A little over a year ago, we came up with the idea that we would like to offer webinars in which we show you subject relevant...
Patrick Ugol
27. July 2017
Surveying the Featured Snippets
Looking at our list of domains with the most featured snippets we see the Wikipedia as the clear winner. What makes this...
Lisa Bastian
13. July 2017
Happy Birthday sistrix.com!
15 years ago, today, the domain Sistrix.com saw the light of day and we want to celebrate with you! To mark this occasion...
Lisa Bastian
13. July 2017
Holistic Content – Hype or SEO-Magic-Bullet
For a while now, many practitioners in the professional SEO circles have been talking about holistic content. The idea behind...
Hanns Kronenberg
28. June 2017
This is the URLs with the largest number of ranking keywords on Google.co.uk
Thank you very much to all who have participated and to all who shared the contest! Congratulations to Martin Bongartz! I...
Juan Gonzalez
19. June 2017
The Story of TheSun.co.uk shows us why SEO is so important
Let’s just take a look at the chart above. We clearly see that the SEO strategy of TheSun.co.uk before the paywall was...
Juan Gonzalez
14. June 2017
User-Focus: Why many company websites are not successful on Google
(Translation of our German Blogpost from June 6th, 2017) A lot of companies and organizations have very fancy websites, which...
Hanns Kronenberg
12. June 2017
Another Unknown Update – This Time It Hit Well Known Brands
The past month has seen a lot of movement in the Google SERPs and – once again – nobody really knows what is...
Juan Gonzalez
8. June 2017
The URL Contest – Find the one URL with the largest number of ranking keywords on Google.co.uk and win a Dyson Fan
If you are older than 18 years and you love SEO, I have a challenge for you: Try to find the individual URL with the largest...
Juan Gonzalez
31. May 2017
Two Penguins, a Phantom and a Manual Action: How Watchshop.com Recovered on Google
When we reported about the Winners of Penguin 4.0 in October 2016, a domain that stood out was Watchshop.com. Almost exactly...
Juan Gonzalez
9. May 2017
Emojis in the Google SERPs
User signals are one thing that you cannot imagine to be missing from a modern search engine optimization: show Google that...
Johannes Beus
25. April 2017
Fred Update – What Do All Losers Have In Common?
Considering the facts that there are more than 600 Algorithm Updates by Google, every year, and that Google will not announce...
Juan Gonzalez
28. March 2017
100 Winners Of The Latest Google Update
On February 7th, Google seems to have rolled out one of the most far reaching updates of the last few years – with...
Juan Gonzalez
23. February 2017
IndexWatch: Losers 2016 in Google.co.uk
With our Google Ranking Factors 2017 videos under out belt, it is now time for our yearly IndexWatch for the United Kingdom....
Juan Gonzalez
16. February 2017
Has Pinterest.com been hit by Google’s Interstitials Update?
Within the past few weeks, we released our Winners&Losers list for Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain. One domain...
Juan Gonzalez
9. February 2017
International comparison of competition within the SERPs
Back in 2012 I held a conference talk about international and multilingual SEO and was thankful that Johannes gave me some...
Andre Alpar
3. February 2017
IndexWatch: Winners 2016 in Google.co.uk
Our yearly IndexWatch for the United Kingdom is ready. For our IndexWatch 2016, we had a look at all visibility increases...
Juan Gonzalez
25. January 2017
SISTRIX Livestream
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