16 Useful Browser Plug-Ins for SEOs

· 8. August 2017 · 4 Comments
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez
I studied Regional Studies of Latin American at the University of Cologne - Germany, majoring in "Business Informatics“. I also studied Business Administration and currently I’m doing a Master in International Business Administration. I feel a fascination with SEO and the people who make it possible.
We have added a large number of new workshop locations for our free Toolbox workshops, since the beginning of the year. Besides our workshops in Germany, we now also offer workshops in Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the UK and one of the most common questions we get in nearly each and every workshop is:

“Which browser plug-ins do you use?”

Today, we want to share 16 plug-ins which make our lives easier.

This presentation will show you 16 Chrome plug-ins which help us every day, with the links to the Chrome store and a short description.

16 Useful Browser Plug-Ins for SEOs

16 Useful Browser Plug-Ins for SEOs – click the picture to open the presentation.

As with everything, tastes may be different and this list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any plug-ins you use daily and want to share, please leave a comment.

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Vaibhav Kumar Aggarwal   
9. August 2017, 08:12

Some plugins are really good , like SEO meta in 1 clicks and Redirect path checker…rest I already knew..thanks for wonderful document of use.

9. August 2017, 12:27

Thanks for this! Really nice presentation even though we are already using most of these tools. Nonetheless really good resource for beginners.

Duke Vukadinovic   
21. August 2017, 14:44

I didn’t know that Wayback Machine exists as a browser plugin until I found this post. Thanks so much Juan!

22. August 2017, 18:07

Por Dios! Waaaaaayback Machine tiene un plugin para el navegador!
Excelente listado Juan, voy a probar particularmente Similarweb y Robots vs humans.

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