The URL Contest – Find the one URL with the largest number of ranking keywords on and win a Dyson Fan

If you are older than 18 years and you love SEO, I have a challenge for you: Try to find the individual URL with the largest amount of keyword rankings on

It’s easy: All that you need is our SEO Tool. If you are not a SISTRIX customer, you can try our SEO Tool for 14 days, non binding and free of charge (with no termination necessary!).

For our prize we chose a British company from Malmesbury: Dyson. They make cool desktop fans that look very similar to our SISTRIX Logo. The fan is worth £299.00 and it’s ideal for the summer!

If you want to participate, just go into the SISTRIX Toolbox, type-in any domain you want to check, go to “URLs“ and look at the URLs with the largest number of keywords for that domain. Please write the one URL you think has the most keywords and the amount of keywords for the URL in the comments. You can post as many URLs as you like, as often as you like. On June 8th at 15:00 o’clock CEST, the comment containing the URL with the highest number of rankings will win and the contest will be over.

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan with a fan of the fan

(I personally would love to present the prize to the winner in one of our free workshops in London or Manchester – don’t worry these are not promotional workshops! – but I can also just send it via Royal Mail)

Let me give you an example

SISTRIX finds 592,878 URLs for the on, which are ranking for a total of 2,501,730 keywords. The best URL for the is which is ranking for 3,483 keywords (1.036 on the first page of Google’s search results).

URLs for the on

What you can learn?

(1) Let’s take a look at (additionally, you can click on the URL for an individual analysis). They have one URL,, ranking for 1,162 keyowrds (click here to see all keywords). In other words, Google is giving them at least 1.100 ranking opportunities with only one URL:

Individual analysis of a single URL in SISTRIX

In this example, the Visibility is very low. Just 28 of these thousands of keywords show good rankings on Google. A few backlinks or more Link Juice from other internal pages might very well help to improve these 1,100 rankings. As we can see above, this URL shows no backlinks in the picture.

(2) Because we know which URLs are ranking for which keywords, you could also integrate your Google Analytics data with the Toolbox and we can then use the traffic and ranking data from Analytics to uncover the ‘un’popular Not Provided data.

(3) And more importantly: You are able to analyze the impact of Google Updates on a directory or URL basis!

A special prize

A few weeks ago, while I was giving workshops in Spain, I was surprised by a blog post from Northcutt, where they asked 8 SEO experts for the favorite professional SEO Tools. One of the SEO experts interviewed was Patrick Langridge (Head of SEO at ScreamingFrog), an intelligent, great and humble man who I am fortunate enough to know personally. For his kind words, I’m going to send Patrick a Dyson Fan in SISTRIX form. Thank you very much Patrick! :)

I hope you like the idea. Have fun and good luck!

Please Note: the following URLs will not be eligible to win:, and anything on the Domain as I often use these URLs as examples in my workshops and want everyone to have a fair chance.

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