This is the URLs with the largest number of ranking keywords on

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Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez
I studied Regional Studies of Latin American at the University of Cologne - Germany, majoring in "Business Informatics“. I also studied Business Administration and currently I’m doing a Master in International Business Administration. I feel a fascination with SEO and the people who make it possible.

Thank you very much to all who have participated and to all who shared the contest!

Congratulations to Martin Bongartz! I will get in touch with you about how to send you the prize ?

We are really happy about how many people participated and the traffic that the URL for the contest generated. Truth be told, I don’t know which URL in the Toolbox has the largest number of ranking keywords, so I was really surprised by the results:

PositionURLNumber of Keywords ranking
4 7,266
6 with4,837
7 4,746

As I promised, here is the special price for Patrick, which I will personally present to him at Searchleeds:

Patrick Langridge, an intelligent, great and humble man.

Achtung! You can synchronize your Google Analytics and Search Console with SISTRIX and discover important opportunities. We will save the Google analytics data for you so it won’t get lost after Google’s 90 days policy.

Have a nice and successful Week!


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Juan Gonzalez
19. June 2017


Martin Bongartz   
20. June 2017, 10:55

Thank you very much.. 🙂

23. June 2017, 19:34

Very nice. Congratulations Martin 🙂

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