Happy Birthday sistrix.com!

15 years ago, today, the domain Sistrix.com saw the light of day and we want to celebrate with you! To mark this occasion we have a total of three presents for you:

  • Everyone subscribed to the SEO module will now also get access to the Universal Search module at no additional cost.
  • Users who are subscribed to all modules will now receive 50% more weekly export credits (75.000 instead of 50.000 credits).
  • All existing customers will keep their free access to the current data in the Social Media module, which will get a major update in the near future and turn into a for-cost module.

Google’s Universal Search and the classic web search are moving ever closer together: Many SERPs are riddled with a mix of organic results and Universal Search integrations. This makes the Universal Search data more and more important – and also the reason why you will get 2 modules for the price of 1 from us in the future.

What data do you actually get in the Universal Search module? This module does not only show you Universal Search integrations from Google’s web search, such as Pictures, News or Maps, but also Featured Snippets. They are a new format of snippet within the organic search results which are supposed to provide users with a concise, direct answer to their questions – right there on the search results page, without the users having to click through to a specific result. If you want to see which domains manage to gain the most featured snippets for themselves, please see our Featured Snippet evaluation.

Let us take a walk down memory lane and see how it all began.

SISTRIX is born

SISTRIX was founded quite a while ago: Johannes was already an SEO consultant many years before the advent of our first official version of the SISTRIX Toolbox and registered the domain sistrix.com back in 2002. Today he can reminisce about the beginnings:

My time was shaped by my seo consulting work up until 2008, at which time I started to cast all the data and evaluation methods available to me into a software as a service solution (SaaS): the SISTRIX Toolbox was born and the official release was in October of 2008. The following months saw a quick rise to market leadership in the German speaking countries, which we kept up ever since.

From our first version, which came out in 2008, we did not keep stil. Together with our customers we are hard at work, every day, improving the Toolbox and its functions. We are already able to look back at the gigantic amount of 70.000 changelogs – and definitely counting in the future.

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