You have to know the past to understand the present – Case Study Patient.co.uk
With 148 visibility points on Google UK you’re the 46th most-visible domain in the entire United Kingdom. Patient.co.uk...
Juan Gonzalez
6. December 2018
Charity action 2018: Click and donate. Turn the big wheel and get a wave!
You wouldn’t believe the smell here in the office – a mix of Glühwein and roasted-almonds mixed cinnamon and...
Steve Paine
3. December 2018
EPA’s Climate Change Content Resurfaces via Google
One day before the start of Donald Trump’s inauguration, on the 16th Jan 2017, we recorded an authoritative presence for...
Steve Paine
22. November 2018
User opinion vs Google opinion. Diving into the Which? website survey.
According to a survey of 1000 people by the consumer-focused Which? group, homebase.co.uk ranks amongst the poorest for user...
Steve Paine
15. November 2018
Links and the Medic Update
There is still no clear recommendation to SEOs following the Medic Update. Even if you had implemented a recommendation it...
Juan Gonzalez
29. October 2018
What is this little thing we call the Visibility Index?
On Friday 11th October, Martin MacDonald wrote a Tweet that caught my attention. It’s difficult to deliver a detailed response...
Juan Gonzalez
18. October 2018
Google Algorithm Change hints of Medic Rollback.
During the first week of August we saw a surprisingly large algorithm update from Google. At the time, Google said that there...
Steve Paine
8. October 2018
Understanding Search Intention with the help of Google Search Results.
What, in reality, does the user want form a search result? Every time we type a search term, Google has to answer the question,...
Johannes Beus
25. September 2018
The Game of Cat and Mouse – Has Google Become Better at Fighting Webspam?
I would like to share the story of the most resilient spam project I’ve ever seen. It started in November 2011 and it goes...
Juan Gonzalez
13. September 2018
UK retail. Search Visibility and Opportunity Report.
There are many ways to analyse retail market success. Growth, trends, competitors, brand awareness, footfall and advertising...
Steve Paine
12. September 2018
Jamesblunt.com hack. Daily SERPs, You’re Beautiful!
The highlight of the week for country managers at SISTRIX is checking updates on the Top 100 list of winners and losers....
Steve Paine
5. September 2018
Search and Discovery with Instagram
Search comes in the most varying forms and colours. From the wide-ranging Web search (Google) through topic-focused searches...
Johannes Beus
30. August 2018
How well do you understand Google? – The Content Myth
We can’t get a degree in SEO. Anyone can call themselves an SEO and anyone can tell the stories they want which can...
Juan Gonzalez
28. August 2018
Google Medic Update – What can I do when I am affected?
This week has seen a large number of web sites affected by a far-reaching Google core algorithm update. In a short video...
Steve Paine
13. August 2018
Google’s August algorithm update strengthens as roll-out continues.
We’ve already published our initial analysis on the recent Google update where we highlighted a number of ‘Your Money,...
Johannes Beus
6. August 2018
Tesco throws 70 % of search-presence in the bin. The story of Direct.
A few weeks ago we started to see big declines in Tesco UK’s online search presence. This huge SEO success, way bigger...
Steve Paine
5. August 2018
Google with Core Algorithm Update
It’s that time again: Google is making changes to their core algorithm. It is the third time, this year, where changes...
Johannes Beus
3. August 2018
The Page Speed Ranking Factor. What, exactly, is fast?
Google has very recently started to use the loading speed of websites as a ranking factor for mobile Google Search results....
Johannes Beus
25. July 2018
Google brings video results together in a new Carousel
Google has re-organised the way it presents videos in search results. This major change now puts videos in a carousel rather...
Johannes Beus
22. June 2018
Visibility Index enhanced with Daily Updates
Daily updates for the Visibility Index are now available in the Sistrix Toolbox. The update will allow our customers to react...
Johannes Beus
21. June 2018
Google Results are Very Rarely Personalised
How different are the Google search results for the same search term for different searchers? Google has shed some light...
Johannes Beus
4. June 2018
Turmoil in the Google SERPs
Since 2008 we make the degree of how visible domains are on Google’s result lists transparent. Last month saw the largest...
Johannes Beus
26. April 2018
People also search for – the Short-Click-Box in Google’s Search Results
In February, Google rolled-out a new element for desktop PCs in their search results. If someone clicks on a result and then...
Hanns Kronenberg
22. March 2018
Google is Rolling Out a Big Core Algorithm Update
Changes to the core of Google’s algorithms are relatively rare: Google makes them only a few times a year. The last...
Johannes Beus
14. March 2018
10 Years of SISTRIX Visibility Index
The heart-piece of the SISTRIX Toolbox turns 10! The 25th of February 2008 marked the invention of the SISTRIX Visibility...
Timo Schwarze
26. February 2018
If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it: IndexWatch 2017 – the Losers in Google UK
Two weeks ago, we looked at the Winners on Google UK. Today we will look at those domains with the highest loss in visibility...
Juan Gonzalez
15. February 2018
Subdomains vs Subdirectories, which is better for SEO?
Yesterday, Barry Schwarz reported on the fight between SEOs and Google over how Google treats Subdomains and Subdirectories....
Juan Gonzalez
25. January 2018
IndexWatch: SEO Winners 2017 in Google UK
In order to help you be more successful in SEO and sidestep all those things that do not work, I want to show you which domains...
Juan Gonzalez
23. January 2018
If you want to confuse Google use a 302 redirect
You would usually take it for granted that the final step of any relaunch or domain move would be the permanent redirection...
Timo Schwarze
10. January 2018
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