Visibility Index enhanced with Daily Updates

Daily updates for the Visibility Index are now available in the Sistrix Toolbox. The update will allow our customers to react more quickly to visibility changes.

The Visibility Index has been enhanced from weekly to daily updates giving you quicker feedback on changes and, ultimately, a competitive advantage.  This enhancement, which comes free as part of our continuing improvement program for the Sistrix Toolbox, was rolled out last week and graphs are now available.

Naturally you’re able to roam as many domain as you want with the new daily update data allowing you to quickly view changes across multiple domains from within a country. For example, if Google starts to roll-out an update you can immediately check if your domains are affected. If you see changes on a single site you can also check across multiple domains to see whether the change is due to local changes or due to Google algorithm changes.

For the perfect overview of your visibility index we’re now showing three different charts in the SEO Module.

  1.  Daily Visibility Index.
  2. The weekly Visibility Index.
  3. The smartphone Visibility Index.

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