Google Results are Very Rarely Personalised

How different are the Google search results for the same search term for different searchers? Google has shed some light on the extent of the personalisation of SERPs.

The so-called “filter bubble” or “echo chamber” is not just a hot topic because of the influence of Facebook on the US presidential elections.

Just a few days ago, Google’s Danny Sullivan made it clear that Google’s SERPs are rarely and only lightly affected by true personalisation.

Danny says that previous search behaviour, as well as Google’s knowledge about the searcher, usually doesn’t have a great impact on the sorting of the search results.

However, the location as well as the (browser) language do influence the result lists.

The statement is consistent with our experience: Search results vary continuously in the “Google Everflux“, but this has no relationship to the personalisation of the results lists; It is caused through the updating of Google index data.

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