Google displays AI-content within search results for the first time

Following Microsoft’s ChatGPT push, publicly putting Google under pressure, many announcements have been made regarding closed tests and presentations concerning a future integration. What hasn’t existed before is AI-content within search results shown to all Google users. This has changed in the last few days.

Since Tuesday we have seen that Google is now placing AI-generated summaries within several knowledge panels. Here is an example with the SERPs before and after this change:

Comparison of Google results for "sea slugs" before and after AI-integration.

On the left, above, is the new version – the Google-AI created explanatory text based on Wikipedia, as well as three other sources. At the end of the box is a disclaimer that this content was made with AI. On the right side the familiar SERP box is shown – a short summary from Wikipedia is being cited in the knowledge panel.

This new integration can so far only be found sporadically. Google seems to want to test the users’ acceptance of AI, most likely in advance to the I/O conference in mid-May. However, English AI-content being displayed in other languages, such as German SERPs, seems like more of a mistake than a test.

Example of what AI box looks like.

To quickly recognise keywords we are marking these in SISTRIX by highlighting them with a corresponding icon within the keyword lists.

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