Google Penguin – How are the victims from 2012 doing today?
We will most likely see the Google Penguin 4.0 update early next year. This makes it a great time to look back at the domains...
Juan Gonzalez
17. December 2015
The New Website For The Mayor Of London Neglected Its /priorities/
The Mayor of London Boris Johnson announced that the website for the Mayor of London has been redesigned to be closer to...
Juan Gonzalez
8. December 2015
Why Thanksgiving fluctuations may not necessarily have to be Google Updates
All over the past week there has been major movement in the Google SERPs and many SEOs believe that the source of all the...
Juan Gonzalez
29. November 2015
Has SerenataFlowers.com been hit by a Manual Link Penalty?
The Visibility Index score for SeneranataFlowers.com has crashed and there are no signs that the domain name has changed...
Juan Gonzalez
10. November 2015
The Price of Changing the Domain Name
In theory, changing your domain name should not be complicated, especially if you follow the instructions Google provides....
Juan Gonzalez
5. November 2015
Click probabilities in the Google SERPs
Ever since there has been such as thing as search engine optimization, the question of “How often are people clicking...
Johannes Beus
27. October 2015
SEO-Basics: Never relaunch a website without redirects
A “relaunch” is effectively a “reboot” and in our case means the fundamental revision of a web presence....
16. October 2015
All rankings gone: No more fashion news from Style.com
Within the month of September the website Style.com took a sharp drop in their visibility index, to be more precise a decline...
Patrick Ugol
1. October 2015
Ranking data from Google’s Search Console: Use Cases and Limits
After having been in the talks for quite a while, Google finally unveiled its new, substantially expanded API interface a...
Johannes Beus
13. September 2015
Toolbox: Mobile data for all countries
From this week on, the SISTRIX Toolbox delivers data on the mobile ranking of countless search terms. As the first tool worldwide...
Johannes Beus
21. July 2015
The spread of structured data on the web
When little Googlebot is tucked into bed at night and thinks about what he will do when he is all grown up, he only has one...
Johannes Beus
14. July 2015
Social Signals: Status Quo – Part 2
Yesterday, in the first part of the blog post, we talked about general statistics, summarizing the data for the big social...
Johannes Beus
3. July 2015
Social Signals: Status Quo – Part 1
With the Social-Signals module in the Toolbox, we have now surpassed the threshold of 100 billion evaluated social signals....
Johannes Beus
2. July 2015
Google mobile update: initial findings
A week ago today, accompanied by much media interest, Google introduced the usability of websites on smartphones as a ranking...
Johannes Beus
28. April 2015
Mobile SEO – SISTRIX starts Smartphone Visibility Index
Starting on April 21, 2015, Google will start to take the usability of websites on smartphones (mobile-friendly) into consideration...
Hanns Kronenberg
17. March 2015
Should the domain’s homepage rank first for a site:-query?
The site:-query (site:sistrix.com) displays the number of indexed URLs that a domain has within Google’s index. The...
Johannes Beus
7. January 2015
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