OpenLinkGraph: the SISTRIX Link-Index
It has been nearly two years since we started out with gathering ideas and first drafts and now, we can finally show the...
Johannes Beus
19. September 2011
SEO-Regulars’-Table Bonn on 09.29.2011
Hello, my name is Hanns Kronenberg and on September 1st, I became part of the SISTRIX-Team. Up until now, I did my blogging...
Johannes Beus
8. September 2011
Google Panda on its way to Europe
After the Google Panda Update led to major uproar in the seo community when Google put it live in the US, it was only a matter...
Johannes Beus
16. April 2011
Panda vol. II – ehow.com got hit this time
When Google announced that they are planning to implement the Panda-update for all English-speaking countries this week,...
Johannes Beus
12. April 2011
Most linked-to URLs
Whenever I have some time on my hands, I like to dig through our Toolbox-data and see what kind of connections and summaries...
Johannes Beus
5. April 2011
Google Farmer Update: Quest for Quality
During this week, Google announced a significant algorithm-update which aims to increase quality in Google’s search results....
Johannes Beus
26. February 2011
SISTRIX Livestream
Merry Christmas