Google Panda on its way to Europe

After the Google Panda Update led to major uproar in the seo community when Google put it live in the US, it was only a matter of time until other markets would follow. Yesterday Google decided to bring Panda for all English searches worldwide into action. As with our analysis of the US update, I’d like to share some numbers and data on winners and losers from Panda. Like last time, the following table is based on a dataset of one million keywords, which were checked before the update and yesterday/today after Panda went live. The SISTRIX Visibility Index is an index value calculated from traffic on keywords, ranking and click-through rate on specific positions. Let’s start with a list of the 30 biggest losers:


#DomainChangeSISTRIX (before)SISTRIX (after)# KWs (before)# KWs (after),3735,43381.271139.687,4525,65267.785116.644,9620,96153.10672.996,9223,40156.63089.611,3526,99206.29095.460,0115,43125.17361.286,9814,85175.63270.548,169,41186.02085.507,6410,3894.31040.864,688,1966.86239.633,674,23117.12638.357,389,18109.90768.540,788,1079.53338.444,547,4343.27218.451,024,3594.36246.954,635,13127.93564.369,545,2455.49638.064,983,5775.01929.806,354,3171.17836.270,434,3961.60841.401,424,3642.85920.278,033,7951.55229.224,353,9552.10322.584,804,7222.77110.803,063,7635.80214.990,262,5791.42948.428,733,32132.401102.132,122,3540.46620.822,092,5671.72540.566,502,8733.30221.130

Looking at the data the results aren’t totally surprising: Domains like and were among the biggest losers in the US as they are here in the UK now. New to the game are price comparison sites: Ciao after being bought by Microsoft for use in Bing some years ago is one of the biggest players in that market here in Europe and I’m quite sure they will notice this drop in traffic quite severe. If you are interested in a full list of 100 Domains suffering from this update, please drop me a short notice.

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