SEO-Regulars’-Table Bonn on 09.29.2011

Hello, my name is Hanns Kronenberg and on September 1st, I became part of the SISTRIX-Team. Up until now, I did my blogging at, while in the future, I will surely make some blogposts here, too.

It was extremely tempting for me to be able to both work together with Johannes and on projects like the SISTRIX Toolbox and the OpenLinkGraph, enough that I happily traded in my independence as a SEO-Consultant to become part of the larger whole.

I am especially happy to start my work here with organizing the new SEO-Regulars’-Table in Bonn, among other things. The last one is already some month in the past and it really is high time to continue with this treasured tradition. The date we have chosen is the 29th of September 2011 and the Regulars’-Table will start as usual at seven o’ clock in the evening.

If you want to sign up, please use this form. We will then send you more detailed information a few days before the actual event. Also please sign-up early enough as there is a limit of 50 attendees.

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