SISTRIX Smart is a free
SEO tool for beginners

Intelligent onpage analyses, ranking checks and more to perfect small website perfectly.



One free project per user

Check up to 1.000 sub-pages

> 100 website-checks per page

Extensive help texts to aid you

Recheck your site when you need it

Monitor up to 100 Keywords

One free project per user
SISTRIX Smart offers to analyse your website free of charge. You can continuously monitor your domain in this project.
Check up to 1.000 sub-pages
We will monitor up to 1.000 sub-pages of your website. Our SISTRIX Smart-Crawer will periodically visit and evaluate your Domain.
More than 100 website-checks per page
We will evaluate every sub-page found on your domain with more than 100 different checks. SISTRIX Smart will check if the content is presented as best as possible, if there are technical problems and many other points for you.
Extensive help texts to aid you
SISTRIX Smart won’t leave you in the cold: each check is accompanied by extensive help texts and links to additional information. This way you will be able to understand each problem and solve them in the best possible way.
Recheck your site when you need it
It’s just natural that you want to make sure that the problems are fixed once you make changes to our site. With SISTRIX Smart you can recrawl you site as often as you like.
Monitor up to 100 Keywords
Improved rankings are the fruit of a clean onpage optimization for your website. With Smart you can chose up to 100 keywords from our massive keyword pool of more than 30 million keywords and check their rankings for our website.

Thanks to SISTRIX Smart I was able to improve our website in a sustainable way and that makes me and my team feel really good. 



Olaf Stehr

1. German Kartoffel-Hotel L√ľneburger Heide

The free SEO-tool SISTRIX Smart will now give small businesses and bloggers the opportunity to make important improvements when it comes to search engine optimisation, without any financial risk.

Andre Alpar

Partner at the SEO-Agency AKM3

Thanks to the ability to control important SEO-factors and the easy to understand help texts, you will have the perfect entrance point into the search engine optimisation subject with this tool.

Stephan Czysch

CEO of the SEO-agency Trust Agents and lecturer for SEO

Fair Use

Our entirely free service SISTRIX Smart is particularly supposed to help newcomers get a good idea what search engine optimisation is all about. We ask that you use the available resources with a fair-use doctrine in mind, as both the further development and operation of SISTRIX Smart bring about costs, which we, as the service operator, still have to shoulder.

For this reason we will restrict the use of SISTRIX Smart to one account per person/company. This enables a large number of different users get a leg-up when it comes to SEO. The other thing we are sadly unable to provide is personal support for SISTRIX Smart – we therefore ask that you please abstain from using the support-channels for the fee-based SISTRIX Toolbox.