What account types are available in the SISTRIX toolbox?

Within the SISTRIX Toolbox you are able to give your employees access through their own sub-account. Within the Optimizer we provide additional access for collaboration outside your company.

Toolbox profiles

Toolbox profiles all have the same rights and see the same data as the Admin.

The number of profile-slots available for your account depend on the package booked. All users will log into the Toolbox with the main account details and then choose their profile on the selection screen.

You are not permitted to create a profile for anyone outside your own company.

Additional information regarding the profiles can be found in our FAQ “How do profiles work?

Additional Optimizer Project Access

Within the Optimizer you are able to give third parties, like outside contractors or customers, access to specific projects of your choice. You are able to create up to five Optimizer Employee-Accounts with the base version of the Optimizer.

Just open up the project and go to “Settings > Team” and add an email address to the team. If there is no account for this email address, we will create one and send them their login data.

From now on you can also add this email address to other projects and give them read- and/or write-permissions.