Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pause my account?
Can I receive the invoice by post?
What account types are available in the SISTRIX toolbox?
What is the duration of the Toolbox access?
Where can I see my invoices?
Which payment methods do you offer?
How do I create dashboards?
Does SISTRIX offer SEO consulting?
How do I delete domains from the lists of the Toolbox start page?
How do profiles work?
How does the credit system work within the Toolbox?
How often is the data refreshed within the Toolbox?
What is the difference between the extended and the common keyword database?
Where do I find downloads of my exports?
Which requests can I start via the search bar?
Why is an exact search volume not shown?
Google Analytics
When do you update the Google Analytics data?
Which Google Analytics KPIs can I use in the GA integration?
Google Search Console
How can I share only a part of my Search Console Properties?
How often is the data from the Search Console updated?
What happens to my data when I link the Toolbox with Google Search Console?
Why are the values not always conclusive?
Link Module
How can the noticeable decrease of backlink numbers in the SISTRIX Toolbox for many domains on September 19, 2012 be explained?
What does the file format mean on my link export?
What is the LinkManager?
Which link indexes are available in the link module?
Can my LinkRating project be recrawled?
How can I upload my own link data?
How do I add other link sources to a project?
How do I change the domain name of a LinkRating project?
How do I export links from Moz (OpenSiteExplorer)?
How do I export the links from
How do I export the links from the Google Search Console?
How do I integrate data from Google Analytics?
How many projects can I create?
What is the Disavow file?
Why aren’t all links used from the uploaded file?
Why does it take longer to check the final links?
Can I also crawl projects that are protected by a .htaccess file?
Can I get more projects and keywords in the Optimizer?
Can I set up a daily project Visibility Index?
Can the Optimizer also crawl subdomains or directories?
How do I create a daily and local keyword monitoring in the Optimizer?
How do I delete a project in the Optimizer?
How frequently will my homepage be crawled?
How many pages can the Optimizer capture?
How often will the Optimizer crawl run?
What is the Optimizer crawler called?
Where can I manually restart the Optimizer crawler?
Why does the Optimizer-crawler request my page once every minute?
Can I have custom pictures in a report?
Can other profiles edit my report?
How can I convert reports into report templates?
How can I delete reports?
What is the reports archive?
SEO Module
How can I display the Visibility Index history of more than the top 3 results under SEO host names/directories?
How can I monitor the indexed pages of a website?
How can I monitor the PageRank of a page?
How can I use my Optimizer keywords in the SEO module?
Is it possible to compare the Visibility Index history of several destinations?
For which boxes are smartphone data available?
How are smartphone data collected?
What is the smartphone Visibility Index?
Social Signals
How are social signals measured in the toolbox?
How often are the social signals of a domain updated?
Why are the number of social signals falling?
Which are the browsers supported?