SISTRIX Optimiser

Search Engine Optimisation

The Simplest Path to a Technically Correct Website

Technical defects in a website prevent success. The SISTRIX Optimizer recognises weak points in on-page optimisation and provides solutions. These are sorted by importance, for quick success.

Uncover problems on your website, before users trip over them

The website crawler in the SISTRIX Optimizer checks your pages regularly and automatically for avoidable errors. We clearly explain how to fix these issues.

Perfect teamwork – Work with colleagues and customers on a project

Achieve goals faster as a team by inviting colleagues and customers to your projects. You’ll always be on the same page and can achieve your goals together.

Website performance as a ranking factor – Know your site speeds

Nobody really wants to wait for your website to finish loading. With the same technology that Google uses, we regularly measure the performance of your site and point out the weaknesses.

Just like the real Googlebot – State of the art JavaScript crawling

The Internet is dynamic; most modern websites use JavaScript. The SISTRIX Optimizer crawler is therefore based on the same technology as the official Googlebot – for the best on-page audit.

Quality assurance for large websites – Easily understand changes

Did someone just delete all the painstakingly-optimised page titles? The quality assurance feature in the Optimizer shows you relevant changes to your site at a glance.

Availability check – We’ll let you know when your site goes offline

Unreachable websites are not only a problem for your visitors, Google will also remove them from the search results after a short while. The Optimizer monitors availability every minute and warns you in good time.