Outline of Countries and Competitors in the Domain Overview

If you type a domain into SISTRIX, you will reach the domain overview: A page that offers a thorough but nevertheless clear overview of a domain, which is often the first point of entry for SEOs. Due to this high relevance, we added new data boxes to this page.

Regardless of whether the domain belongs to you or to a competitor, the domain overview is the perfect start for a closer inspection of a website.

Therefore, we showcase important date like the current Visibility Index, the number of key words and the volume of the estimated traffic, important directories and URLs, as well as – newly added – global visibility merits and competitors, including their positioning.

Country Overview

In the new evaluation you can see at first glance who the three most successful countries of the domain that is being analysed are, and how much search engine traffic the domain achieves worldwide. By clicking on “Other Countries”, you can find a more detailed analysis with even more key data.

Additionally, you can, as usual, click on the underlined countries and immediately reach the traffic estimation for the domain in that country.

Image highlighting the country overview within the domain overview.


The two boxes leading to the competitor analysis showcase the biggest organic competitors of the chosen domain. In the diagram, they are sorted into a coordinate system that shows how they compare based on the visibility and number of keywords.

  • The closer the dot is to the right, the higher the Visibility Index of the domain.
  • The closer the dot is to the top, the higher the amount of key words for which this domain ranks.
  • The size of the dots indicates how much monthly traffic the domain generates according to our estimates.

By clicking on “Show all” in the box to the right that contains the list of competitors, you will be directed to the comprehensive evaluation of the competitors. There, you can activate or add new competitors and you can see additional relevant key data.