New Filter for AI-Content within Search Results

In the past couple days we have seen Google newly adding AI-generated summaries in several knowledge panels. To analyse this recent content we have added a new keyword filter.

Following Microsoft’s lead with ChatGPT, Google has made many announcements regarding closed tests and presentations concerning a future AI integration. What hasn’t existed before though is AI-content within search results that are shown to all Google users. This new data has appeared in the last few days.

Here is an example with the SERPs before and after this change:

On the right side the familiar SERPs are shown. Underneath the picture integration a short summary from Wikipedia is being cited in the knowledge panel. On the left is the new version: the Google-AI created a longer explanatory text based on Wikipedia, as well as three other sources. At the end of the box is a disclaimer that this content was made with AI.

In order to immediately evaluate this new content we have created a new keyword filter that can be used in SISTRIX from now on.

For example, if you open the keyword list of a domain, you can now turn on the switch next to “AI Box” under the filter “SERP Features” to filter the entire list for keywords under which Google already displays this new integration.

Also: if you open the overview of one of these keywords and look at the current SERP screenshot via the navigation on the left, you can see which AI-generated content Google shows here now.

Moreover, we mark these new results within the keyword list with a corresponding icon. This way, keywords that include AI-content by Google can be recognised quickly.

Have fun trying it out!