SISTRIX Netherlands

Since 18.05.2015, it has been possible to check the rankings of over 1.000.000 keywords in the index. As with other country indexes, the keywords were chosen to cover a wide range of the Netherlands market’s most searched words and terms.

Simply choose the Netherlands flag in the country drop-down menu and then put your chosen Domain into a search.


Alternatively, click here to go directly to the Netherlands index.

We monitor the top 100 results for every keyword. This way, we raise 100,000,000 data scores weekly for the Netherlands index.

The SISTRIX Visibility Index is an indicator for a domain’s visibility in the Google search results. The higher this value the more visitors will expectedly come to the domain through Google.

The Visibility Index is therefore suitable to measure and evaluate the success of SEO measures or, for instance, to analyze the effects of Google algorithm changes.

You will find the current weekly winners and losers and the list of the 100 highest rating Visibility Index scores for the Netherlands at