Compare International Visibility

This new feature is particularly exciting for websites with an international aspect. It allows changes in visibility to be compared, graphically, across different countries.

Until now, the historical development of the Visibility Index could always be viewed and evaluated for each country. However, sometimes you may want to investigate whether Visibility Index changes may have been global or whether only individual markets are affected.

Due to the way we calculate the Visibility Index it is comparable across all countries. A visibility index of 5 means the same visibility in Germany as in Italy. The number of clicks and individual visits will of course differ, not least due to the number of inhabitants. More on this

We have now enhanced the Visibility Index page so that any country can now be compared with another in a graph.

To do this, simply open the “Visibility Index” overview after entering a domain in the navigation on the left and click on the currently selected country (in our case United Kingdom) at the top left.

Using the “All countries” button, a table of the countries most relevant to this domain appears below the visibility history. Any country can be selected or deselected using the checkboxes in front of each country.

This makes it easy to compare different visibility histories with each other, just as it has long been possible with different sites, hosts or directories.