Daily updates for the Visibility Index now available.

Daily updates for the Visibility Index will be helpful in diagnosing the reasons for changes in visibility. For example, if Google starts to roll-out an update you can immediately check if your domains are affected. The exact date of a ranking change is also useful in identifying other changes. Daily updates are also available for other countries too.

Defining a project with daily updates, before a new domain needs to be analysed for the first time, is not something you’re able to do so having the daily updates is going to be a great help when new customers call for help or when you need to analyse a new competitor. Naturally you’re able to roam as many domain as you want with the new daily update data.

For the perfect overview of your visibility index we’re now showing three different charts in the SEO Module.

  1. The daily Visibility Index with a history of one month.
  2. The weekly Visibility Index with a history going back to 2010 in the UK.
  3. The smartphone Visibility Index for mobile rankings since 2015 in the UK.

The Daily Visibility Index in the SEO Module

We’re not just offering daily updates in the UK. You’ll also find daily updates for search result in Spain and Germany too which will help international domains.