Canada, Australia, Russia, Mexico. New countries added to the Toolbox.

Bringing the total number of countries monitored to 27 are Canada, Australia, Russia and Mexico. Indexes are available immediately with all the analysis features you expect from the Toolbox.

Access to the Toolbox data for the new countries is now available, either from the country list or via the respective subdomains:,,,

As a result of the move to mobile-first indexing, we’re only showing the ‘smartphone’ or mobile index now. As late 2018 approaches, we feel this is the right data to be showing you.

The second change is due to the traffic that is generated by SERPs positioning. Given that over 90% of clicks occur in the top 10 we’re looking to efficiently offer these new countries in a way that pleases a large proportion of our users. SERPs ranking positions will include, therefore, only the top 10 positions.

As we kick-off these new countries we’re looking forward to building up the data in the Toolbox. That will occur on a weekly basis.

Here is a snapshot of the Top 25 domains in Canada.