Beta: Instagram Analysis

Regular users of MySpace will have probably noticed by now that the love for certain social networks follows trends. Instagram is one of the biggest winners of recent years and we’ve just integrated new analysis tools into the Toolbox.

From a source of Instagram data that we’ve already collected for more than a year, you are now able to analyse over a billion posts from about 50 million accounts. The data set includes more than 2.5 trillion likes and about 2.5 billion uses of hashtags.

Accounts will automatically be evaluated by us if they have more than 10000 followers, or if they are marked as Verified. By using the Watchlist you can direct the Toolbox to accounts that haven’t been found yet. Here are the current core functions:

  1. With the Influencer Search feature, you can search the entire account database for profiles that match your criteria. The accounts are assessed using the posts from the last three months. So if you’re looking for uses or “dachshund” or “teckel”, you’ll find accounts that have used these hashtags in their postings in the past three months.
  2. Under Account Insights you’ll find all the important information associated with that account including the historical trend. How have follower numbers changed, how many posts were published and how well were they received. You can also find mentions of this account by another user.
  3. The Top List shows you which posts and accounts have been recently successful . You can also see the recent Winners and Losers where you can learn about accounts that have gained the most followers.

If we are able to establish a relationship between an Instagram account and a domain we’ll now display the Instagram follower number in the domain overview.

As social networks gain users, so other networks lose users, are discontinued or change their model. We are therefore removing the following networks from the social module because they have either been discontinued or are no longer providing up-to-date data: Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.