Historical SERP screenshots

The days of ten blue links in Google’s search results are long gone; today, a wide variety of SERP features determine the appearance of search results pages. And Google currently changes them almost daily. To ensure that the appearance of the SERPs can also be historically traced and analyzed, we have expanded our database of SERP screenshots.

SERPs that today consist of a featured snippet, a Google News box and a tile with similar search queries can look completely different and include other SERP features tomorrow. Right now, Google is changing the structure of search results pages rapidly.

But this doesn’t just change the look of the page, the CTR rates of a page can also fluctuate massively, even though there may have been no change in the search volume or the ranking of the page.

Therefore, in such cases it makes sense to take a closer look at the structure of the SERPs. For a long time it has been possible to call up a current screenshot of the SERP of a keyword in SISTRIX. We have now expanded this option.

If you open the SERP screenshot of a keyword via the navigation on the left, there are now two arrows next to the screenshot that can be used to navigate through the archive.

On the one hand, this can help to find explanations for changes in the number of clicks . On the other hand, the structure of the SERP can be used to draw conclusions about what search intent Google currently assumes is behind the keyword, i.e. which pages are displayed higher or differently than others.

The archive build was started in April 2024. Have fun trying it out!