Discover Link Opportunities

With the re-worked Link Opportunities function in the Link Module you can now find potential link sources simpler and more quickly. Simply add up to three competitors and view the link opportunities.

In addition to your own domain, you can use up to three competitor domains in the opportunity tool. The Toolbox will work in the background to compare the links between all of the domains and then show all the potential link chances; that is, links from domains to your competitors, for which you have no links.

The list of opportunities is sorted in descending order of Visibility Index so that you have the most important link opportunities at the top. With just one click you can expand five example links, or you can jump into the full link list. If you’ve entered more than one competitor, we’ll show you matches where all the competitors have at least one link.

The updated feature is available now in the Toolbox now. Look for the menu-item “Opportunities” in the Link Module menu.