Upgrading our Link Database

The Link Module in our Toolbox combines link data from partners, like Majestic, with our own link index. Over the last few months we have revised our own link index, from the ground-up. The results can already be seen in the link database.

Over the past few months, we’ve completely redesigned both our web crawler and our Linkindex. This work is now complete and we’re exchanging our old link data against the new data. The migrationmay take a few more days but in the coming weeks all domains will be converted to show our new link data.

As a result, link totals will change for many domains. On one hand, the links found will be much more up-to-date than before, on the other hand, in many cases, we will also find more links than before. Nevertheless, there are cases in which we also show fewer links.

Combining data sources.

It is our belief that a single data source is not enough to be able to analyse link profiles. Therefore, we combine our own link data in the toolbox with those of Majestic and other partners. Nothing has changed in this procedure; The Majestic data is still available in the toolbox.

Not all links have the same weighting.

The evaluation of links is more important today than ever before. With that in mind, we enrich all links in the Link Module with the best Visibility Index of the linking hostname. By doing this we are able to distinguish links from hosts that Google believes to be trustworthy from those that barely appear in Google SERPs. Therefore, in the Link Table, the Visibility Index is also the default sort.