Extensive Onpage-Evaluations With More Crawling Sources

Ideally you would have a website where every page would have at least one internal link and pages that do not exist anymore would be redirected to a new, fitting version. The real world usually looks quite the opposite: after numerous relaunches, domain- and CMS-changes you are stuck with fractured content landscape, which can still be reached and which also still rank – but which are not linked to internally anymore, which makes them invisible for conventional Onpage evaluations.

With our new feature in the SISTRIX Optimizer, we can help find and alleviate such cases. Aside from our regular URL exploration through the crawling of internal links on the pages and reading the XML-sitemap, you now also have the option of identifying URLs from numerous other Toolbox sources into your crawl and evaluation.

We can show what this actually means nicely by using our own domain as an example: with just the Onpage crawler and the XML-sitemap we find about 4.000 HTML pages on sistrix.de. If we import the data from our other modules and sources, we are able to find more than twice as many HTML pages with the Optimizer, as before: 9.114 HTML pages, to be exact.

You can import ranking URLs from the SEO-Module, linked pages from the Link-Module, URLs with Social Signals as well as data from the Google Search Console – if you linked your account to the Toolbox. In order to use these sources, you will need access to the corresponding Toolbox Module. You can find the settings for the URL exploration within the project-settings of your Optimizer project under “Crawling Sources”, starting today.