Lists in the Toolbox: Analysis of Competitors and SERP Features

It’s not individual keywords, but complete keyword clusters that lead to success in the SERPs. The Toolbox Lists feature helps you keep track of those keyword clusters. And with the new analysis features for competitors and SERP features, the lists have become even more powerful.

The use of individual keywords is outdated. Instead, it makes sense to look at keyword sets and understand the interplay between search terms, on the one hand, and actual search results on the other.

The new keyword list features have significant benefits for you.

Create a keyword list

Toolbox keyword lists allow you to group topics together and find well-functioning content formats and competitors based on a comprehensive keyword cluster.

Your already created lists already have all the new features. You can find them at What’s new?

SERP data for keyword lists

If you have put together the search terms from your keyword research in a Toolbox list, you can then, as a first step, update the SERP data. In other words, we’ll show you up-to-the-minute information on search volume, competition and trend of the keywords in question.

Competitive analysis based on keyword clusters

You can also find competitors based on your keyword list. The Toolbox analyses the complete keyword list and shows the organically ranking competitors for the list.

The standard sort, by market share, is based on the Visibility Index of each competitor. By doing this, it allows you to find successful pages for the corresponding keyword cluster, at a glance.

Detect search intentions

Finally, in the left navigation bar, we also have the function SERP Features. This important function shows you which content formats Google prefers for the respective keyword cluster. In addition to classic search results, this can also be results with image or video integrations as well as results with a knowledge graph. Note: We’ll show you which websites already offer which working content.

Currently we are evaluating 13 different SERP features which will help you to create the right content.

The SERP Features in the Toolbox provides you with key indicators in the question of which formats work well for your keyword lists. More importantly, what are the intentions behind the search queries.

You can learn more in the tutorial Analyse Competitor and SERP-distribution with Toolbox Lists. We’ll show you how to create lists, update SERP data, analyse SERPs features and see the best domains for any keyword set.