Pre-crawled Onpage Analyses for (almost) Every Domain

The on-page analyser in the SISTRIX Optimizer has been analysing websites for typical on-page errors for many years. Broken links, missing titles and over 100 other errors are detected and detailed as part of the process.

Sometimes, however, a quick overview is needed; You don’t want to wait for the website to be crawled individually and you want an overview of the most important issues, instantly.

A new SISTRIX feature now gives you an overview of the most important errors for more than 20 million different domains – in fractions of a second:

The SISTRIX crawlers have discovered more than 1.5 billion on-page errors in the last 30 days . To view the information, search for the domain and click on “Onpage” under “Structure”, and you will see the overview.

For performance reasons, this new function does not check the full suite of all checks as found in Optimizer projects. Also, only URLs that rank on Google are analysed. To get the full crawl, you can continue to set up individual onpage crawls. You define the domain scope, frequency, user-agent and more for an extensive report.