Competitor Overview now with Additional Graphical Information

To see at a glance who your major, close competitors are, a visual representation is often best. We have therefore improved these in our competitor area. We were also able to significantly reduce loading times.

The Visibility Index, the number of keywords and the expected traffic are three important metrics to consider when evaluating competitors. We have therefore combined these three key figures and prepared them in an interactive diagram.

After entering a domain, you can find “Competitors” in the SERPs area in the navigation on the left .

The different colored dots represent domains that we have identified as competitors for the domain.

  • The further to the right a point is, the higher the visibility index of the domain.
  • The higher up, the higher the number of keywords for which this domain ranks.
  • The size of the dots indicates how much traffic this domain generates according to our estimates.

In the list below the interactive diagram, any competitors can be added or removed using the checkboxes in front of each domain name .

At a glance it becomes clear who are serious competitors , but also with which competitors a direct comparison might not even make sense.

To ensure that domains like (with a visibility index of over 7,000 points) are not included in every chart, reducing the informative value, we have initially hidden the very large domains.

Faster calculation of competitors

During our work on this feature we were able to significantly increase the performance of the competitor calculations. While this previously took an average of 12.5 seconds, the data is now loaded on average after 2.7 seconds – almost 5x as fast.