SERP updates at the touch of a button

The Google update cycles are getting shorter and shorter, so the need for data that is as up-to-date as possible is increasing. In SISTRIX you can now update SERPs in seconds at the touch of a button.

After important Google updates, relaunches or other changes to the website, you want to immediately evaluate changes in the rankings and the associated effects on visibility.

With the SERP updates at the push of a button, this is now possible in SISTRIX. You can see the age of the displayed SERPs next to each keyword and you can load fresh data by clicking on Update:

You can find the same functionality, but for multiple keywords at once, if you select multiple lines in a keyword list using the checkbox at the beginning of the line, like here in the keyword list of a URL:

After clicking on “Update selected SERPs” you can still decide whether all selected keywords or only older SERPs should be updated. After clicking on the button, the keywords are added to a queue and are usually up to date after a short time.

This new functionality is now also available in the SISTRIX lists. After clicking on “Update SERPs” there is again the option to select which keywords should be fetched:

Immediately afterwards, these keywords are refreshed and your list is up to date.

The new functions also offer new possibilities in the automatically updated keywords in the projects: previously you could choose between a daily and weekly update, it is now also possible to update SERPs in the projects monthly or purely manually, with a click.

The new features can now be used in SISTRIX. You can find out more about the background in this article .