SERP Updates

Previously, projects were the place in SISTRIX where your own individual keywords could be created and updated. We are now expanding this option to other areas, opening up helpful new analysis and usage options.

In addition to creating your own keywords in the projects (with a project Visibility Index, your own tags, competitors and much more), an individual update of SERPs is now available in the following areas of the toolbox.

  • Keyword overview: Update the SERPs of any keyword at the push of a button. The update usually only takes a few seconds and is immediately visible in SISTRIX.
  • Lists: You can also request the SERPs of the keywords contained in your own lists to be updated. You have the choice between a full update and updating part of the list (keywords without SERPs or older data).
  • Keyword Tables: You can also select keywords in the domain’s keyword tables and update the SERPs of these keywords. Together with the filter options, you can, for example, immediately update all keywords with a high search volume after a major Google update. Up to 10,000 keywords can be updated per order.

A SERP update is defined as any update of the search results for a keyword that has been performed for you as a user. Updating individual keywords usually only takes a few seconds, but it can also take a few minutes for larger lists of keywords.

The fresh SERPs can be used directly in SISTRIX after the update. They are imported into our live index and thus automatically serve as the basis for most analyses and also the live Visibility Index.

If your SISTRIX package previously contained a number of keywords for which we provided weekly updates in projects, we will now also count individual SERP updates in the future. Accordingly, all packages now contain at least five times as many SERP updates as keyword-updates before, many packages significantly more than that:

SERP updates: Changes to product packets
PacketKeywords beforeSERP updates now

Starting with the Plus package, more updates can be used than are included in the package. This is helpful, for example, if a larger analysis is to be carried out on the basis of your own lists. This additional use will be settled with the costs of the SERP update according to the price list with the next invoice.