Moving the Extended Database to Mobile SERPs

In almost all countries, searches on the smartphone are now shown in preference to desktop searches. We’ll carry the cost and move the advanced data in the toolbox from desktop to mobile SERPs.

In the last few weeks, we have migrated the extended data across all countries from desktop to mobile SERPs. That includes the UK which makes all advanced data in the toolbox based entirely on smartphone SERPs.

From now, a click on “Keywords” option of a domain leads you by default to the display tab “Mobile data”. For domains that have many AMP rankings, or do not yet have a responsive website and use separate URLs for desktop and mobile phone, the URLs in the hit lists will differ.

Looking over all domains, the number of found keywords has increased in total. However, for individual domains, especially if they are not yet optimised for the Google mobile index, the number of keywords found may also decrease compared to desktop data. Domain visibility will not be affected by this change. The visibility index will continue to be collected separately for desktop and mobile regardless of the extended data.