Find and Analyse URL changes

Google wants to give you the best URL from a domain for a search keyword. If Google can’t decide which one is the best URL it will periodically switch URLs for a given keyword, providing an indication of keyword targeting issues. With the toolbox you can now view and analyse these issues.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of HTML and co-founder of the World Wide Web realised 20 years ago that Cool URIs do not change.

This principle should be adopted for SEO, even if it’s for a slightly different purpose. For any keyword, Google must recognise the perfect URL within your domain and continuously present that as the result.

If that isn’t the case, Google will regularly switch between different URLs for a keyword indicating that the focus of the page has not been determined and that it should probably be revised.

You can identify these issues under the new menu item “URL Changes” in the toolbox. Here we list all the domain rankings where the best ranking URL has changed between two definable dates.

As you can see in the screenshot, we also show the URL changes. In red, the URL that has been removed and in green, the new URL that is ranking.

As is the case for all other tables you can view the values for Desktop as well as Mobile search results along with the ability to filter, sort, export and process the data. Have fun with the new feature.