Live Data – Now Available for Keyword and Ranking Analysis.

Just weeks ago we announced the activation of the live Visibility Index where no more than 5 minutes pass before we re-calculate the latest SERPs data back into the index. This new update takes that live data much further. We’ve also added a lot of new features in this update.

We are now in the process of rolling out new live-data options covering lists and analyses in SISTRIX. This update includes VI Rank, intent breakdown, and global data views. Some user accounts have already been switched over. You can, however, activate the feature in SISTRIX Labs.

When the feature is activated, many of our result tables will be based on the new live database. You can activate a date column in the keyword table, for example, order the list by the most recent date and see immediately when rankings were last updated. We’ve also added other new features.

VI Rank – What position does a domain have in the Visibility Ranking?

One of the new innovations that comes with the activation of the live database is the display of the VI rank of each domain. This value tells you where the respective domain is currently among the most visible domains for a country.

Vi rank for - position 56

To determine this value we sort all domains with a VI value in descending order and update this on a daily basis. To give you a feeling of what Vi values can be expected in a range of positions, here’s an overview of positions in the UK data:

  • VI-Rank 1 with a Visibility Index of 17,264.81 is Google themselves, when all organic feature positions are taken into account.
  • VI-Rank 10 with a Visibility Index of 576.54:
  • VI-Rank 100 with a Visibility Index of 59.62:
  • VI-Rank 1,000 with a Visibility Index of 6.461:
  • VI-Rank 10,000 with a Visibility Index of 0.651:
  • VI-Rank 100,000 with a Visibility Index of 0,0566:
  • VI-Rank 1,000,000 with a Visibility Index of 0.001:

In total, for Google UK’s mobile index, we have allocated a Visibility Index figure to 4,305,866 domains. Evaluations are updated every day and are available for each of the 40 countries that we currently cover.

Search intent, traffic prediction and global keywords now in the domain overview

Also new in the domain is a figure for the global figure for organic keyword rankings which includes data from all of the countries we analyse.

Intent and traffic estimations values for keyword data in SISTRIX

In the lower part of the box, shown across the blue bar, you get an instant overview of the main search intention of the ranking keywords. Is primarily know or more about do intent? If you hover over this bar with your mouse, we show the details in a dropdown box.

The traffic estimate shows you how the average monthly organic visitors per month that can be achieved with the keyword rankings. For the organic traffic value, we calculate how much it would cost to buy those visitors through ads.

You can also see here (in the red bar) whether there is more desktop, mobile or tablet traffic on the domain. To get more details here you can also move the mouse over the bar.

Keywords or rankings? Get an instant view of both

One of the core features of SISTRIX is to display keywords and rankings from any domain in a fraction of a second. Most people don’t even know the difference between keywords and rankings, but it is important.

If you look at keywords, each search term is only displayed once (usually with the best ranking). This has the advantage that the list remains clear and keywords do not appear more than once, but has the disadvantage that you cannot see directly how present a domain really is for a keyword in the SERPs.

On the other hand, if you look at the rankings, you can see at a glance whether the domain has numerous multiple rankings for keywords. The disadvantage, however, is that the list quickly becomes long and confusing. In the new formatting we have combined the advantages of both views:

multiple ranking data in SISTRIX

In the standard view, you can see the best ranking position for each keyword in the domain (or subdomain, directory, URL) analysed by SISTRIX. If there is more than one ranking for the keyword, we show the number of rankings for the keyword.

You can open the table by clicking on the small button to the right, and you will then see all rankings, with the respective ranking URLs. As here with the example of, it is easy to see that brands often occupy large parts of the SERPs with their own terms.

A global view of ranking keywords

In many cases, the focus is on analyzing the rankings in a specific country. E.g. how does a domain rank in the UK, Australia or Canada? But sometimes it can also help to take a step back and look at all the worldwide rankings.

For these cases there is now the option in the SISTRIX keyword and URL analysis not only to select a specific country, but to carry out the analysis based on all countries:

Global keywords ranking table in SISTRIX

We currently have data for 40 countries available. We are regularly expanding the country coverage. In Europe, SISTRIX provides by far the largest database, with the most up-to-date data.