More keywords and rankings added to SERPs databases

In the last few weeks we have significantly expanded the range and detail of regularly monitored keywords for many European countries. Over 100 million keywords have been added across key European countries.

One of the core functions of SISTRIX, since it was launched 13 years ago, is that you enter any domain and we will show you the keywords for which that domain is ranking for on Google.

For an even more comprehensive domain analysis, we have included many new keywords in all major European SERP databases over the past few months. In detail, the additions to the databases look like this:

SERP database expansion August 2021
CountryKeywords beforeKeywords nowIncrease
United Kingdom36,000,00051,000,000+15,000,000

We have not only increased the number of keywords, but are now also recording more rankings for many keywords. As a result, the increase in keywords found for most domains is significantly greater than the sheer number of new keywords suggests.

For example, the number of ranking keywords shown for is now double what it was previously, representing a far greater increase in keyword information than the 41% increase in keywords would suggest.

For all automatically and regularly monitored keywords, the following still applies: no ranking is older than 28 days. All important keywords are updated weekly and the very important ones (including all keywords from which the Visibility Index is created) are evaluated daily.

A complete overview of all supported countries with the respective database sizes, the update frequency and further background information can be found on this page: SERP Data in the Toolbox – Scope, Updates and Background