Revising and Updating the Keyword Overview

The updated keyword overview gives you the most important information for many billions of keywords. Get an overview and first impressions of a search term within seconds and then go deeper into the analysis.

When you enter a keyword search bar in the SEO module, you land on the keyword overview page. Here you find all the relevant information about the keyword in one place. We’ve now updated this overview page.

Keyword research data for Google Search

A full explanation of all the features and possibilities are available in the related page from our handbook. Highlights and new innovations in the update include:

Search intention: The search intention for the keyword is shown immediately on the overview page. With this information you can understand the real reason behind a search on Google: What does the user want to achieve? Align your optimisation with this search intention.

Keyword landscape: With the new keyword environment feature we show the additional keywords with which successful URLs from the top 10 rank for this keyword. Using this you can easily discover synonyms and related topics and keywords and use them for your keyword research.

SERP comparison: to easily compare the developments in the SERPs, the SERP comparison puts the Google SERPs from two different days side by side and shows you very clearly how rankings changed during this period.

The new keyword overview feature is available immediately in the SISTRIX Toolbox for all countries and will automatically be shown when viewing or searching for a keyword.