Improve your SERP-Snippets with the Toolbox

The way your SERP-Snippets sound and look within Google’s search results have a very direct influence on the traffic you get from Google. Perfectly optimised SERP-Snippets invite users to click and set your result apart from the rest. With our new feature in the SISTRIX Toolbox, you can start working on improving your SERP-Snippets.

Starting today, the SISTRIX Toolbox offers you a new feature that can help you improve your SERP-snippets. You will find this new feature under “SERP-Snippets” in the Toolbox navigation, where we will give you a good overview over the snippets for a domain. You will see the title, as well as the snippet text, complete with the ranking keyword. With the help of our filters, you can easily find problematic Snippets:

The filter “Shortened Snippet Title”, for example, will show you keyword/snippet-combinations where the title is too long to be shown in full within Google’s results. Google will then shorten the title with “…”, which might cause important information to be lost:

With the filter “Just One Snippet-Row” you will find all results where Google does not show the two possible rows of text within the text-preview, but decided to use only one. This is another starting point for your snippet optimisation, in order to gain more traffic from the same ranking positions:

This feature is available from today onwards within the SEO module, at no additional cost to you. You can analyse both desktop- as well as mobile-snippets in order to plan your snippet improvements.