Keyword and Analysis for Amazon

Amazon is the most relevant product search engine – with more product-focused search volume than Google. With this as our driver, we have fundamentally revised the options for keyword analysis and research in or toolbox – SISTRIX for Amazon.

The keyword is the starting point of every search carried out. This is no different with Amazon or YouTube as with Google. Search engine optimization, regardless of the platform, is first and foremost, based on understanding demand.

In order to provide you with the best possible support in this elementary SEO step, we have spent the last few weeks revising and improving the functions and features that relate to keywords in SISTRIX for Amazon. In this changelog entry you will find out the most important new features.

Keyword overview – all information on the keyword, summarised

After entering a keyword, you can see, at-a-glance, all the important information about this keyword in the new keyword overview:

Amazon keyword research information

The most important elements on this page, briefly explained:

  • Search volume: here you can see the search volume for this keyword on Amazon for the selected country. We show you the annual average as well as the value of the current month and the trend over the 12 months in the diagram.
  • Keyword profile: a key indicator of the intensity of competition for this keyword as well as an overview of the average star rating and the average price of the products.
  • Top products: the most successful products in this topic. Like other analyses, these values ​​do not relate to the keyword entered, but to the entire keyword cluster, including all keyword extensions and long-tail variants.
  • Successful brands: similar to the top products, you can see at-a-glance which brands in the examined keyword cluster offer the most successful products.

Longtail variants of the keyword are displayed in the Similar Keywords box. In the case of Search Suggestions we evaluate the autocomplete / suggest versions and in the Word Frequency box, the individual components of the keywords found are analysed.

For all evaluations, you can dive in further on the detail pages, filter and sort the tables and also export them as a CSV file.

Lists: manage and analyse your own keyword and product collections

If you research is about more than just individual keywords, the list function is the right tool. You can collect either keywords or products (ASINs) within the tool. We then link this data with our database and always provide up-to-date and helpful additional information.

To add keywords to a list or to create a list, you can either use the checkboxes at the beginning of almost every keyword entry, or simply copy up to 10,000 keywords into the new keyword field on the keyword start page:

adding directly to a list

In the lists you will not only see current values for the search volume of the requested keywords, but we will enrich these keywords with additional, helpful data from our databases:

list processing  - brands

Here you can see, for example, the market share which brands have in a self-defined keyword set of around 2,000 keywords relating to the topic of “robot vacuum” on

Keyword Discovery: discover new keywords and topics

Also new is a tool to discover new keywords and topics. Keyword Discovery, already known to some users of our Google product, now also works on the basis of our Amazon data

keyword groups in the amazon keyword discovery feature

After entering one or more keywords, you can use Keyword Discovery to see the keyword cluster at a glance. A very fast interface helps you to compare keywords.

Automatically suggested keyword groups help you with ordering and clustering, and with the export or list function you can immediately process all the interesting keywords.

The data from SISTRIX for Amazon is currently available for the major European markets: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.

In the UK we are currently analysing data and search results for around 25 million keywords. The size of all databases grows every week.

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