Traffic Forecasting, Keyword Research and more

In the last few weeks we have integrated many new functions, options and data into SISTRIX. This changelog entry gives you a quick overview of the new features.

If you would like to view the changes demonstrated in a 9 minute video, here it is. If videos aren’t your thing, or you cant find the headphones, carry on reading below.

Traffic forecast: predict organic traffic

The list function in SISTRIX offers an exciting new feature – the organic traffic that can be achieved by ranking for these keywords can now be predicted using three different models.

The prediction models available are:

  • Static ranking: you set a fixed ranking for all keywords in the list and we then determine the individual CTR for each keyword in your list and show you the potential total monthly traffic.
  • Dynamic ranking: similar to the static ranking, but we assume a poorer ranking for highly competitive keywords. Rather than enter the ranking you enter a percentage value between 0 and 100%.
  • Domain ranking: Here we take the rankings of the given domain that are available to us. An average ranking is assumed for keywords that are not yet ranking.

The forecast is based on our unique keyword data, which contains important information such as the CTR and device distribution for each keyword. In the last week alone we updated data for around 271 million keywords and added almost 8 million new keywords.

Keyword Discovery: Keyword research now easier

We have fundamentally redesigned Keyword Discovery, our keyword research tool. The most important innovations are:

  • The new layout helps you to see all the relevant information at a glance. If the screen is big enough, you will see the keyword groups as well as the keyword table and the detailed information on the selected keyword at the same time.
  • Information on search intent and more than 50 SERP features are now displayed in the keyword table. This information can also be filtered as you need it for your research.
  • The keyword groups are now calculated dynamically based on the applied filter. For example, if you only filter keywords that contain a recipe integration, the keyword groups will then only be based on these keywords.

Update Optimizer rankings at the push of a button

The Optimizer now offers the option of instantly updating the rankings of all keywords once a week with one click. To do this, click on the new, green button “Update rankings” in the top right corner of the keyword list. After all keywords have been updated, the project visibility index will also be recalculated and we will inform you by email when the process is complete.

Amazon analysis with SISTRIX

With our Amazon SEO offering, we have taken the next step in the last few weeks.

If the topic is of interest to you, now is a good time to jump in and book an account.

More link data for (almost) all domains

In the link module, we traditionally rely on combining several data sources. The idea behind this is that no single crawler, no matter how good, can capture all links so we combine as many data sources as possible

In addition to our own link crawler, we also use other data providers. This week we added a new data source. As a result, the number of links increases along with the domain popularity (number of different domain sources) for many domains.