Common keywords: more data, filters and opportunities

What better signal could there be for the quality of a keyword than when there are three market leaders ranking for the keyword at the same time? With the revised Common Keywords function, these keywords can now be analysed even more easily.

The feature, found under Competitors> Common Keywords, allows you to examine keyword intersections of up to five domains:

Common keyword overlap for three domains (graphical representation)

After entering your domain and the competitors, the first step is to combine all keyword and ranking data for these domains. 

The result consists of two parts: the overlaps are shown graphically in the upper box:

Overlapping keywords - interactive diagram

Using this feature you can see how big the overlaps between the domains are when you move the mouse over the intersections. You can also click to select the keywords that one domain uses but the other domains do not.

You can select the desired overlap either by clicking on the graphic or by selecting the corresponding checkboxes next to it. The keywords selected in this way are displayed in the a table below the graphic.

You can sort, filter, export or add the keywords in this table to a list in SISTRIX. Filters that you define at the beginning of the page apply to all examined domains. For example, you can narrow your analysis down to keywords that contain a certain term.